Version History

Version 2.6
  • Compatibility with Windows 8 and .NET Framework 4.0
  • Changes to the installer to display addional setup options
  • Evaluation mode was introduced for training new users.
  • Minor bugs and fixes corrected
Version 2.4
  • Compatibility with Windows 7.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Improved speed and performance on database transactions.
  • Code optimization to improve the application performance and now runs 40% faster.
  • Stock report and inventory adjustments feature. Reports contain more accurate data on real stock.
  • Chart integration to reports. Line and pie charts are available to all reports.
Version 2.3
  • Solved an issue on scale indicators that does not transmit units of measure.
  • Manual operations now support gross, tare and net weights.
  • Save and New feature, used to help the user on capturing twice the same information for trucks that transport more than one product.
  • Manual inbound and outbound operations are optional and password protected.
  • Solved an issue on regional settings for operating systems on other languages.
  • A confirmation is required on each ticket printed, to prevent the missing paper issue and canceling the operation before sending information to the printer.
  • Public weighing operations can be finalized on it's first weighing weighing operation, instead of waiting for a second weigh.
Version 2.2
  • Manual inbound and outbound operations, integrated to solve the issue of undocumented transactions, such as transactions made when the scale is in maintenance or the computer is down. However, those transactions are identified on every report and screen, to identify which users are doing more manual transactions than usual.
  • The startup screen does not refresh data on each transaction to improve the application speed on high volume databases.
  • The variable "COPY" has been added to the tickets to print the legend ORIGINAL or COPY on the first and additional copies printed.
Version 2.1
  • New UI with navigation buttons for easy learning and operation.
  • Toll for public weighing operations is calculated on truck sizes using a price list.
  • Recycle Bin for deleted operations. Used to recover deleted transactions made by the supervisor.
Version 2.0
  • Compatibility with Windows Vista.
  • Added new configurations for tickets.
  • Connection Assistant. A new feature for communication diagnostics and scale configuration.
  • Ticket Editor. A new feature used to apply custom print formats.
  • Additional units for tickets. Tickets can be printed in different units of measure.
  • Stored Tares. Used to remember the tare weight of a known vehicle for high traffic companies.
  • Single and multiple user modes.
  • User permissions to customize access to reports and catalogs.
  • Supports Windows installed printers.
  • One clic automatic updates.
  • Technical support module gathers more information from the scale and the computer.
Version 1.1
  • Inbound and outbound operations has their own independent fields.
  • Inbound operations are now connected to RawMaterials and Outbound operations to Products.
  • The application supports public weighing operations to weigh and charge a toll to trucks from other companies.
  • Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • Reports can be send via email and visualized on any computer.
Version 1.0
  • Original Version