The application can be modified to capture personalized fields that met your business needs. If you need to capture an additional field such as product quality or other special field, you do not have to pay for an upgrade or another application. It can be integrated in a few steps without reinstalling or upgrading.

Any scale indicator that supports RS232 communication can be connected. New communications can be configured in a few steps and you do not have to pay for an upgrade or new product when you have to change your indicator or your indicator configuration changes.

Any printer can be used for tickets. Windows and serial printers are supported. The ticket editor is an excelent tool designed to assist you in the creation of printing formats.

One license per scale. You do not have to pay additional licenses to share your information over your local network, pay only for one license and install on any number of computers in your company. Those computers can open reports and update information.

The following list displays all the features:


  • User Interface designed for easy learning and use
  • Register inbound and outbound operations.
  • Register public weighing operations if the truck scale is to be used for that purpose.
  • Automatic updates to have always the latest product version.

Scale Indicator

  • Compatible with digital weight indicators that support RS232 communication in SMA, Continuous, or Demand mode.
  • Communication Assistant for connection diagnostics.

Vehicle Information

  • Stored Tare Management for heavy vehicle traffic.
  • Each vehicle ID is remembered in the next weigh operation.
  • Vehicle information and hauler relation.
  • Supports vehicles that transport one or more products.


  • Customize your own tickets using an advanced Ticket Editor.
  • Tickets can be printed to serial and Windows installed printers.
  • One or more tickets can be defined per operation.
  • Tickets can be printed in different units of measure.
  • The user can not change the information after the ticket has been printed

Lists and Reports

  • Customers, Vendors, Haulers, Products, Trucks and Prices Lists.
  • 16 different reports.
  • Export to Microsoft┬« Excel Worksheet, Adobe┬« Reader, Html, Text and CSV Files.
  • Send by email your reports.
  • Grouping, Advanced Search and Filtering.
  • Conditional Formats, Subtotals and Grand totals. Just as Microsoft Excel.
  • SQL command builder to create new reports or change any existing.


  • Designed for single and multiple users
  • Supervisor account used for advanced settings and operations.
  • Password protection for database reports.
  • User entitlements for specific reports and actions. Users can be configured independently with different security levels for edit, add and delete specific data.
  • Weights captured and users operating the scale are always read-only, keeping your information reliable all the time


  • Inventory adjustments keep your real stock up to date.
  • Register any loss or returned merchandise, group those operations into categories.